Time Management Tips for Academics

Inspired by this Guardian article, we asked followers on Twitter and Facebook what time management tips they had for other academics. These are some of the responses we received:

  • https://www.rescuetime.com/ use this. its very good. (@OutstandingSEM)
  •  Zotero, pomodoro’s, task lists, coffee shops and a ruthless use of the delete button on emails! (@JonTulloch)
  • empty your life of friends hobbies and external interests 😉 (@weaver_beth)
  • I try to apply points 1 & 5 of Henry Miller’s work schedule (@FionaMacKichan)
  • have an interactive academic calendar on your VLE. Students can sign up to slots, talks/teaching programmed (@justyael)
  • Buy a good diary – something to visualise. Weigh up time estimates of tasks & assign deadlines accordingly (@PostPhDoc)
  • Nota bene the line between time-saving use of Twitter and twittering time away. It’s a slippery slope (@RosBurnett)

Do you have some more you’d like to add? If so then leave them in the comments box below or tweet us and we’ll compile another list.

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  1. I use SelfControl – it can be downloaded from here: selfcontrolapp.com
    You write URL of sites you don’t want to be able to visit (like all those very distracting social stuff), and then simply set the timer. And then you click on ‘start’ button.
    After that, whatever happens you won’t be able to get acces to chosen sites for the time you set. Closing app, restarting your computer won’t help. You have to wait, and in the meanwhile you have that very rare opportunity to do something productive 🙂

    I think it may be a good idea to work simultaneously with rescuetime and self control – first, rescuetime will show you what kind of internet sites distruct you most and after that you may put them on SelfControl blacklist.

    enjoy 🙂

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