The Permeation of Technology in Everyday Life

Sarah Kember’s research covers many aspects of the relation between technology and life, from the centrality of new media in everyday life to scientific projects such as Artificial Life which redefines life as information and seeks to both simulate life-as-we-know-it and synthesise life-as-it-could-be. Sarah’s approach to developments in science, technology and new media is critical, curious and often playful. Her talk will reject dominant ideas that technology has specific effects on our lives (such as shortening our attention spans, alienating us from other humans, turning children and adults into facebook addicts). Instead, it will explore the extent to which technology was always already vital, or life-like and the extent to which life has become a technical process. This dynamic connection between life and technology has marked implications for our modes of critique and requires, the talk will suggest, an intuitive philosophy and a creative theoretical approach.

(from Virtual Futures)

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