Interested in Digital Sociology?

The British Sociological Association’s new Digital Sociology group aims:
  • To identify and disseminate best practice in the use of digital tools by sociologists.
  • To develop and promote specifically sociological modes of inquiry into digital media use.
  • To develop and promote specifically sociological responses to ‘big data’, in terms of both secondary analysis and the broader methodological questions posed by this transformation in the information systems of late capitalist society.
  • To develop and promote specifically sociological analyses of the broader personal, cultural and structural changes of the ‘digital turn’ in social life.
  • To provide an open forum for exploration of what the digital turn entails for sociological practice, professional identity and the future of the discipline.

Please get in touch if you’d like to be put on the announcement list. We’ll hopefully be announcing our first event in the near future, with much more activity to follow.

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  1. Please add me to your announcements list.


  2. Very interested

  3. Please add me to you announcements!!!

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