“Why do you find Twitter useful as an academic?” (part 2)

The original version of this post got an interesting comment yesterday. We hope the author won’t mind us reposting the comment as a new post. It was a quick content analysis of  the answers in the original post.

So… why do you find Twitter useful as an academic? 

• academic support
• a PhD can be very isolated so I think twitter is a great way to meet people who can help and give advice
• helps remove the isolation of study through engagement with #phdchat – synch & asynchronous
• shared sense of community
• connect with others
• networking
• meeting new people (in all disciplines)
• getting in touch with other academics for quick Q&A sessions
• connects me to other delegates at conferences
• useful for augmenting F2F academic conferences, extending the conversations
• allows me to interact with students in lectures
• makes it possible for me to engage with global community even though I now live in Australia & am #altac
• There are people who are practicing what I’m researching academically and give me a reality check
• We discuss concepts
• I can also discuss these things with the experts with ease
• Quick answers to questions on things like.. where do I find this tool or that tool ..


Keeping up to date
• filtered news
• it allows me to keep up to date with advancements in my field.
• keeps you in touch w development in your field n wider
• the best way to keep up to date with my subject
• brilliant for keeping up with things
• allows me to familiarize w current trends & edu tools for my students (tumblr & prezi are examples)
• Keeps me up-to-the-minute with news in my field ie; policy issues, and connects me to conferences/other academics
• keeps me uptodate

Finding useful resources
• finding blogs and publications
• links to blog posts
• find useful resources
• We trade references for research
• great source of information & resources wouldn’t have found otherwise
• you can get very interesting literature advices or other sources you have not noticed yet
• curating the ideal academic dept
• makes it possible to follow conferences globally

Finding new ideas
• finding new ideas

• public engagement
• increased visibility
• very quickly allows me to spread word of my work to non-academic audiences
• shameless self-promotion
• to invite community members to events and lectures on campus

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