Critical realism, interdisciplinarity and well-being

In the Social Theory & Health 2012 Annual Lecture Roy Bhaskar, founder of Critical Realism, gave a lecture on ‘Critical realism, interdisciplinarity and well-being’. Use the link below to access the podcast of the lecture:

STH 2012 Annual Lecture: Roy Bhaskar

While some of the ideas fail to convince (e.g. surely understanding scientific fields is irreducible to empathy?) it’s worth a listen, not least of all as a philosophical corrective to what is often an extremely polarised debate about interdisciplinary working. Bhaskar has a philosophically rich meta-theory of what interdisciplinary working entails coupled with a practical commitment to applying this meta-theory to helping people work across disciplines. It’s an interesting combination, with his frame of reference for this discussion simultaneously encompassing the deeply abstract and the immediately mundane aspects of interdisciplinarity.

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