What’s the point of sociological theory?

By maintaining its specialized logic and orientation it is capable of providing a set of conceptual tools that can operate as a theoretical lingua franca, as a flexible vocabulary with no foundationalist pretensions, which can help sociologists establish bridges between their own and other disciplines, as well as between competing social science paradigms. This is to say that sociological theory should not aim at the establishment of some sort of monolithic paradigmatic unity, but at strengthening the present pluralism by removing the obstacles that are a hindrance to open-ended communication between the differentiated subdisciplines or paradigms.

Pg 9, Sociological Theory: What went Wrong?: Diagnosis and Remedies, By Nicos Mouzelis

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  1. To challenge misconceptions and to give those who do not have a voice the opportunity to be heard , even a scream at times. To give them a way into academia that other specialism/schools of thought actually run from. To champion another and another perspective, recognizing that one truth is a misconception.

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