Occupy and Resist (Visual Sociology #011)

Image: Jon Rainford.
Image: Jon Rainford.

Occupy and Resist,

by Jon Rainford

In the midst of a walk through the steers of a typically sedated Madrid at Siesta time, I turned a corner and stumbled upon a hive of life and energy, the likes of which I hadn’t encountered before. This was my first encounter with the reality of Occupy. Whilst this image was taken back in 2011, bringing it into publication could be no more timely. In her recent paper in the Current Sociology monograph that specifically examines the new wave of global mobilisation, Lauren Langman (2013) highlights the tensions between a Lockean individualism associated with affluence and the egalitarian views associated with Occupy. As she states: ‘At times of crises, people withdraw commitments to the existing social order – creating spaces for alternative views, values and understandings’ (p.512). This image of a hotel, a place where affluence can buy you your own piece of home within a city and its occupation demonstrates the way that this tension is playing out within the streets of cities around the world.

* Langman, L. (2013). ‘Occupy: A new new social movement'”, Current Sociology, 61(4) 510-524

Jon (info(at)jonrainford.co.uk) is a recent graduate of the Open University’s Masters in Social Science who is currently in the process of applying to read for a PhD in Sociology.

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