“What do you wish you’d known when you started your PhD?”

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  1. I wish i had known that my supervisor is not always right!!

  2. Education is a two way process at all levels. Teacher and taught create knowledge through interactivity. PhD. is more so through which the supervisor not only guides but rejuvenates her knowledge, rethinks, finds many things new when in close educational contact with her research scholar. This dimension can not be overlooked that PhD. is a joint research – both suffer, both achieve and rejoice. Both publish also. PhD is exciting and as my supervisor used to say in 1975 it does transform the personality of the researcher. An important gain – a by product – is that the way of thinking is more systematic, organized and target oriented.

  3. That a supervisor who wants you to write the thesis they want you to write will cost you a year of recovery time.

    On the upside, I am now a well-informed and articulate advocate for HDR student rights, happy to support and mentor new candidates, and know that changing a supervisory panel is not the end of your academic world.

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