BSA Realism Study Group Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Realist Thought- 6th Sept

BSA Realism Study Group Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Realist Thought
Friday 6 September 2013
BSA Meeting Room, London. 

As the new convenors of the BSA realism study group we are pleased to announce a seminar to debate contemporary issues in realist thought. We intend to facilitate discussion with a range of speakers to consider what can we learn about the application of realism across different disciplines.

We would like to initiate a broad discussion within the following areas:
– Realist dialogues across perspectives and disciplines.
– Using realism in substantive inquiry.
– What difference does a realist perspective make?

We intend that our discussions will inform a broad scoping exercise of current issues of realist thought which may help to inform future events that we will hold, developing an agenda for future sessions.

To book, please visit:

For further information please see the attached flyer, further details on speakers and abstracts to follow shortly.

For more information on the BSA realist study group please visit:

Hope to see you there
Tom Brock, Mark Carrigan and Michelle Farr
Study group website address:

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