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  1. Two observations. 1. are you eliding ‘impact’ and ‘dissemination’. What’s remarkable, in public policy terms, is how inconsequential the riots were (give or take Boris Johnson’s waffling about water cannon for the Met). That makes attributing ‘impact’ to analysis of the events more difficult because their trace in legislation, policy and practice is faint.
    2. The Guardian project in many ways belongs to ‘old school journalism’ of a kind that’s increasingly fragile, as the economic basis of the press reshapes. Would a fully digital Gdn (or anyone else) commit time and resources to a project that would never have front-page (that word again) impact?

    • Point completely taken with (1) – though your argument relates more to the difficulty of attributing impact rather than its existence, no?

      Not sure about (2) – could you expand?

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