The knock-on effect of an over-subscribed Higher Education system

The record demand for university places in 2010 has had an immense impact not just on Higher Education, but also Further Education, with some A-level students opting to go back to college to take further FE courses (as discussed in this article). This prospect in itself has a knock-on effect on recent school leavers (GCSE) who now go head-to-head for college places with their A-level counterparts.

Another knock-on effect has seen newer universities (for example, Greenwich, UEL etc) attract a different kind of student. In the past, these universities would typically attract students from surrounding areas, mature students or those with lower A-level grades. 2010 has seen a marked shift where students are clamouring for university places at universities they might not initially have thought of attending.

In the article Feeling the Squeeze, Greenwich university’s head of admissions, Bev Woodhams, acknowledges the reality of the changing student profile at the university,  “things are bound to look different this year. It’s a smaller pond, with more fish”.

Only time will tell what the impact of the 2010 race for university places will have on the overall landscape of education as a whole.

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