Changing the subject: Occupy Wall Street’s Achievements and Prospects by Ruth Milkman

In October 2012, British Sociological Association journal Work, employment and society hosted a one-day conference reflecting on key debates and looking forward to what the future might hold for the discipline and the journal. We are happy to have video footage of the stimulating presentations.

Occupy Wall Street burst onto the scene in New York City September 2011. Inspired in part by social movement in the Middle East and Southern Europe, its critique of inequality rapidly gained traction with the broader U.S. public with the slogan “We Are The 99%,” cloning similar occupations worldwide. This presentation explores the sociological roots of OWS, with particular attention to the changing US labour market, and reports on the results of a unique representative survey of New York City OWS participants. In addition, the presentation analyzes the movement’s achievements to date and speculates about its future.

Ruth Milkman
Changing the subject: Occupy Wall Street’s Achievements and Prospects
Professor of Sociology and Academic Director of the Murphy Labor Institute, The City University of New York

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