Life without Father or Ford: feminist perspectives on work, employment & society

In October 2012, British Sociological Association journal Work, employment and society hosted a one-day conference reflecting on key debates and looking forward to what the future might hold for the discipline and the journal. We are happy to have video footage of the stimulating presentations.

Feminist analysts of women’s labour market position used to assume that women’s domestic labour was essential for capitalism, just as urban sociologists assumed the provision of the goods and services of collective consumption had a similar role. The cold new world of neoliberalism, economic crisis and recession challenged what now look like overly optimistic claims. Linda McDowell looks backwards and forwards in this talk assessing the changing explanations of women’s labour market participation and the types of research published in WES to address the changing nature of research about gender relations over the last 25 years, as well as to suggest an agenda for the future.

Linda McDowell
Life without Father or Ford: Reflecting on feminist perspectives on work, employment and society
Professor of Human Geography, Director of St. John’s College Research Centre, University of Oxford

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