“Stop living off the state” demands The King of the Netherlands

King Willem-Alexander, alongside his wife, Queen Maxima, told the Dutch people that they must create their own social and financial safety nets, and that looking to the state for help was a thing of the 20th century.

The speech was part of the monarch’s annual address on the day the government presents its budget.

It was not immediately clear if the 100 million euros spent by the government on maintaining the Royal House, with its castles and parades, would be included in the austerity cuts.

Recent polls show confidence in the government at a record low and that most Dutch people believe the cabinet’s austerity policies are at least partially to blame


This is rather blunt to say the least. Are there instances elsewhere in Europe of this degree of honesty? For instance a similar sentiment clearly animates the Coalition government in the UK but they’d never be this explicit about it because of the electoral oblivion which would likely ensue.

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  1. just to inform that the speech the king gives on ‘prinsjesdag’ (‘princes’ days’, the 3rd tuesday in september when the government presents it’s plans for the coming year) literally comes from the government. he does not have any say in this. only the christmas speech has personal touches

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