Invitation to Agency Theory Reading Group 2013/2014

Dear All,

Following the success of the Summer Clinic on the sociological theory of agency we are offering the opportunity to further develop our investigation and review of the concept over the coming academic year.

We propose monthly sessions on the last Wednesday of each month from November 27th 2013 through to June 25th 2014 from 2-5pm at London South Bank University. This would give 8 sessions in all.

Whereas the Summer Clinic was pre-cast we would welcome a more peer led reading group for these months. To this end, we are inviting those who would like to participate to suggest any agency related topic and reading. This is a great opportunity to use our network to expand all our understandings of the field of sociological agency, and to connect the group to the specific research interests of its participants.

We would also invite those who suggest topics (or anyone who feels enthused) to be the facilitator of the group for that month, and perhaps to raise some initial thoughts and questions for the discussion.

If there is enough interest we would like also like to propose that the reading group ends with a symposium in July in which we could present short papers for further discussion, perhaps with a view to a joint publication, special edition etc.

If you are interested in participating/proposing please contact Sadiya and myself<>.

Looking forward to seeing you all again, and possibly taking this further.

Please do forward this invitation to any relevant lists.

Best wishes,

Julien Morton (London South Bank University)

Sadiya Akram (University of Canberra)

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