Proposal: Sociological Classics Reading Group?

Dear Group members,

I have had this idea for a long time, but just got around to trying to implement it.

I propose to set up a ‘CLASSICS READING GROUP’. We can meet up, perhaps, once a semester/term and read/discuss/critique ‘classics’ – the likes of Marx, Weber, Braverman, Pateman, Oakley and so on. Anything that we deem classic (and interesting!) but still relevant to the sociology of work, employment and economic life. The formal discussion can, of course, be followed by an informal discussion and a pint in a local pub.

This would probably be mostly relevant for early career WEEL researchers but senior members are especially welcome and can participate as discussants or lead a workshop – if you are expert on the particular ‘classic’ that we are reading.

We could meet at the BSA room (the room is free). But perhaps for the purposes of inclusivity we could do an odd meeting in the ‘North’ of the country (if someone would organize a space at their university).

Now, to get this going I would need to know how many would be interested to participate. SO – IF YOU ARE INTERESTED – please e-mail me at or through our WEEL Facebook page. And once we know the numbers we could  chose the book and the date.

I’m sure this will be an opportunity to read something that many of us ‘always wanted to read’ – but also an opportunity  and occasion to meet new colleagues and make new friends.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Dr Maria Adamson (née Karepova)
WEEL convenor
Researcher @ Noon Centre for Equality and Diversity in Business, UEL

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