Sociological Images: Blogging as Public Sociology

In this paper the team behind the continually fantastic Sociological Images reflect on blogging as public sociology. I’ve recently posted some initial thoughts on Digital Public Sociology and this paper is an important contribution to what seems likely to become an increasingly prominent debate over time.

Sociological Images is a website aimed at a broad public audience that encourages readers to develop and apply a sociological imagination. The site includes short, accessible posts published daily. Each includes one or more images and accompanying commentary. Reaching approximately 20,000 readers per day, Sociological Images illustrates the potential for using websites as a platform for public engagement in the social sciences. This report provides an overview of the site’s history, approach, reach, and impact. The authors also discuss some challenges facing academics interested in blogging for a general audience and some of the features that contribute to the popularity of the site.

HT Deborah Lupton

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