Justice, Genes & Welfare

Justice, Genes & Welfare:
Are Intergenerational
Relationships Toxic?

A joint BSA Families and Relationship Study
Group and Youth Study Group Event

Keyworth Centre, London South Bank University
Thursday 28 November 2013

Intergenerational relations increasingly seem to be called into question in contemporary
society, highlighted as centrally implicated in some of its key ills. The topic of
intergenerational justice has been the focus of a slew of popular and political publications,
contending that the „baby boomer‟ generation has skewed the allocation of economic,
social and cultural resources in its own favour and left younger generations immersed in
debt and facing a perilous future. Early years policy reports pose parenting as formative in
babies‟ brain architecture, hard wiring future (anti)social behaviour and empathetic
(in)abilities, as well as shaping the genetic inheritance that passes down through the
generations. Ideas about cycles of deprivation, transmitted disadvantage and
intergenerational cultures of poverty and worklessness are a recurrent feature of political
pronouncements, where low aspirations and benefit dependency are alleged to be passed
down in families and communities.

This day seminar will ask, “Are intergenerational relationships toxic?”

Contributors will appraise:
JUSTICE: Jonathan White (LSE), and Susie Weller (LSBU) and Ros Edwards
(University of Southampton);

GENES: Val Gillies, Nicola Horsley (LSBU) and Ros Edwards (University of
Southampton); and

WELFARE: Tracey Shildrick (University of Leeds), and Eldin Fahmy (University of

A concluding review of the state of intergenerational relationships will be given by the Chair
for the day: Jane Pilcher (University of Leicester).

BSA Members £45
Non-Members £55
More information and online registration: www.britsoc.co.uk/study-groups/familiesrelationships.aspx

For more details please contact:
Val Gillies: gilliev@lsbu.ac.uk or
Ros Edwards: R.S.Edwards@soton.ac.uk

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