Enhancing the learner experience in HE

The latest edition of the journal Enhancing the Learner Experience in Higher Education (ELEHE) is out . So now we are looking for papers for the next or following issues. Personally, it was be interesting to see a greater number of papers around how public engagement has a positive experience on learner’s experience (or possibly collaborating on one). The bit below hopefully answers some of the questions you might have. If you have any questions please get in contact on scott.turner@northampton.ac.uk

What is ELEHE?

ELEHE is an open-access (with no page fees!), interdisciplinary, international, peer-reviewed online journal published twice yearly, enthusiastically addressing the challenge of enhancing learning in Higher Education. Papers are welcome which embrace the student voice to help improve the learner experience in ways which have been shown to impact positively on students. As well as learner experience in the teaching environment it also includes all aspects (including students and student voice within public engagement activities) that improve the learner’s experience in Higher Education.

The journal is interdisciplinary in scope. It welcomes a diverse range of articles, drawing on a variety of critical, comparative and reflective approaches responding to key agendas in Higher Education. Committed to evidence-informed practice, it will also encourage the setting of new agendas where the student experience can be enhanced.

When does my paper need to be submitted by?

We run an open call and are happy receive papers through out the year.

How is the paper reviewed?

At least two referees will review the paper.

What type of papers can I submit?

The journal welcomes:

research articles (3000-6000 words);
critical case studies (3000-4000 words);
short reports (up to 2000 words)
book reviews (up to 1000 words).
Details of the journal focus and scope, along with author guidelines can be found athttp://journals.northampton.ac.uk/index.php/elehe/about

What is it going to cost me to publish?

It is currently a free, open access, peer-reviewed journal. There are no page charges, etc. The University of Northampton supports the journal, including infrastructure, paying for DOIs, etc.

If you want to discuss ideas about possible articles, or want guidance on preparing your submission, please contact the Editors

Dr Rachel Maunder (Chair of Editorial Team) Rachel.Maunder@northampton.ac.uk

Dr Simon Sneddon (Editor; and Book Reviews Editor) Simon.Sneddon@northampton.ac.uk

Anna Crouch (Editor) Anna.Crouch@northampton.ac.uk

Dr Scott Turner (Editor) Scott.Turner@northampton.ac.uk

The Journal Enhancing the Learner Experience in Higher Education can be found at:http://www.northampton.ac.uk/elehe

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