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January 2014





Maurizio Meloni

C is for Complexity: Why Genetics Doesn’t Outweigh Teaching





Ken Roberts

Social Mobility: Lift Going Up, Doors Closing. Going Down, Doors Wide Open; Any Volunteers?

Peter Nias

‘Fight them on the Beaches’: Engaging the Populus

Anna Ludvigsden

‘Bookshelfie’: Book Ownership, Class and Families

David Collis

Dexter Dias

Soazig Clifton

Autism, Algorithms, Google and the Rise of the Savant Garde

Borders of the Mind: The Profound Paradox of Female Genital Mutilation

Getting the Nation to Talk about Sex               

Vivienne Cree, Gary Clapton & Mark Smith

Moral Panics, Jimmy Savile and Social Work: A 21st Century Morality Tale

Rosemary Hill

‘I’m Not Some Cock-Hungry Groupie’: Negotiating the Rock Groupie Stereotype

Neil Serougi

Big Data, Public Services and Public Acceptance. Who Benefits?      

Rob Blackash

6000 Missing Gay Civil Servants!





Navtej K. Purewal

Beyond the Spectacle of Malala:  A Critique of the Bandwagon of Girls’ Education



On the Frontline:


Ashli Mullen & Stephanie Allen

Mind the Poverty Gap



Policy Briefing:


Ros Edwards, Val Gillies &

Nicola Horsley

The Biologisation Of Poverty–Policy And Practice In Early Years Intervention 

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