Do you have quotitis?

This is a common disease amongst qualitative researchers. One which, though I occasionally suffer from it myself, nonetheless irritates me when I read other people’s work. But what is it? Nick Hopwood explains:

Quotitis is a common disease among qualitative researchers. It’s a name I have started using to refer to the tendency for people writing about qualitative data to over-rely on raw quotes from interviews, fieldnotes, documents etc.

Read more about diagnosis and cure. It would be interesting to know if anyone disagrees with here. I do to a certain extent, in so far as that I distinguish between block chunk indented text (avoid unless absolutely necessary) and using their words as you are telling their story (which I do a lot). The former is problematic and, while I’m not saying the latter is never problematic, I think it works well if done carefully.

(and I couldn’t agree more with what he said about the role of coding in this) 

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