New student sociology journal at Warwick!

The Warwick Sociology Journal is a new journal founded and edited by students which will publish excellent undergraduate and postgraduate work. Each issue will have a central contemporary theme, and the journal accepts submissions from people of any discipline at any level, as long as there is a link to the overall theme.

Check out the first issue, entitled Feminism and the perception of women in contemporary society, here!

The journal is supported by the Warwick Sociology Society and the Sociology Department.

The next issue will be Education and Learning. You can submit your work by Friday 28th February. There is no upper or lower length limit: The only guidance is that submissions must use Harvard referencing where necessary and be related to the central theme (the editors want to give you as much freedom as possible, pieces could be on anything from the relationship between ‘race’ and educational achievement to the way that media passes on knowledge to apprenticeships).

If you have a piece to submit or any questions, you can contact the Editorial Board at

The Editorial board of the new Warwick Sociology Journal, launched in 2013-14.

The Editorial board of the new Warwick Sociology Journal.

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