Blind Eye Forward

How does a critical sociologist approach a troubled world? Bill Carroll, professor of sociology at the Department of Sociology, University of Victoria (Victoria, Canada), has sent us this awesome music video. The original composition, entitled “Blind Eye Forward”, is a collaboration between Bill and his son Wes who is a jazz guitarist. It’s a fantastic example of how music, lyrics and image can be combined into an unusual and effective syncretic medium which can convey sociological insights and provoke discussion, in the classroom and elsewhere. Bill Carroll’s research is very interesting – watch this space, we will write more about his work soon!

Blind Eye Forward
(lyrics by Bill Carroll, 2004)

Shining future, sterling past
Tired clich├ęs once again recast
Age old battles, trying times
Ancient hearts propelling modern minds
Howls of terror pierce the night
The morning after makes a sorry sight
We turn a blind eye forward.

One day bleeds into the next
A spell of sameness puts a world to rest
Killing time as time kills us
Gleaming spires slowly yield to rust.
A simple gesture, a point to make:
15 candles on a birthday cake
And a blind eye forward.

We can’t see
An old world dying and a new unborn
We hesitate, lost, our eyes fixed upon things too familiar.

To reach for something still unknown
To look for what cannot yet be shown
Bells toll faintly in the distance
Unheard prayers don’t build resistance
Live each the moment as if the last
Invent the future, piece together the past
And keep a blind eye forward.

Far away, out of sight
Plans go forward under cover of night
If you listen closely you can hear the sound
Of grand illusions crashing to the ground
Keep a rose fastened to your chest
Expect disaster but hope for the best
And keep a blind eye forward.

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  1. I don’t see a link to the video and I’d like to watch it.

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