Foreign Accent Syndrome

There are thought to be only 60 cases of Foreign Accent Syndrome in the world. People who have it start speaking with an entirely different accent.

Kay Russell, from Bishops Cleeve near Cheltenham, suffers from the extremely rare neurological disorder. After a serious migraine, she woke up with what sounds like a French accent.

Doctors believe it is triggered following a stroke or head injury, when tiny areas of the brain linked with language, pitch and speech patterns are damaged.

Read more and watch a film on the BBC website.

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  1. Urrrmmm… bit of a random article?! Amusing though. I’d like a Franch accent!

    • You’re right,er, we just thought it was a stunning piece of news, perhaps we should have mused on the social consequences of sudden change of accent which is normally perceived as integral to personality, like part of one’s body! 🙂

  2. Probably the least sociological thing to have gone up on the website thus far but I thought it was interesting! I’ve always thought a German accent would suit me…

  3. ah, no one asks me whether I’d like a Slavic accent 😉

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