Can private universities solve the issue of limited university spots?

The issue of limited places in England’s higher education system has sparked a recent debate about the value of expanding the system through private universities.  Universities Minister David Willetts is promoting a Higher Education bill which would enable private universities to grow and evolve, but UCU head Sally Hunt and various lecturers have warned against such profit-driven universities, citing the US system and concerns about how those universities receive public funds.  In defense of privatisation, BPP University College of Professional Studies, which is the first private sector institution to gain university college status in over 30 years, argued that it is misleading to make comparisons between universities in the US and the UK because of their vastly different regulation and funding systems.  The government, however, has indicated that a university’s status of public or private is not the key issue amidst the greater pressure it faces over university places and funding.  For further explanation of the current funding situation facing universities, click here.

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  1. pls stop the private universities

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