“Worker analytics” – Taylorization 2.0?

This article on Pop Matters is an interesting critique of the growing trend towards ‘Worker analytics’ and how it meshes with productivity culture to expand the scope of workplace control:

Both Taylorism and People Analytics are largely based on the idea that the human worker can be effectively represented through a composite of statistical metrics, and that an understanding and wielding of the information produced by those collective metrics will allow the managerial class control over the worker. However, there still exists a gap between a human being’s capacity to be fully measured and data-technology’s capacity to fully measure. Whole industries still misinterpret data all the time in pursuit of their respective goals (for a good example of this, check out this discussion on “click-baiting” and digital publication analytics, on Time.com). That gap is precious, and it represents the battleground over which the worker and the manager/corporation will struggle; the former for freedom, the latter for control.



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