Using Archives to Teach Gender

The University of Warwick’s Maria do Mar and colleagues from the University of Leeds have put together this great resource on using archives to teach gender. It includes an extensive collection of artefacts and documents relating to gender, as well as practical suggestions about how to incorporate these materials into teaching gender:   

Using archives is a fantastic way of enhancing undergraduate and postgraduate teaching on gender. Integrating archival materials in lectures, seminars and coursework, or conducting study trips to archives, not only helps bring theories, concepts and facts to life for our students, but is also a way of supporting the extraordinary work done in feminist archives throughout the world.

And yet, in the busy-ness of everyday life in contemporary universities, it is often very hard for lecturers (and students) to find the time to explore archives and to design new learning activities using archival materials.

That is why we have created the website Using Archives to Teach Gender, which is now available at

This website offers a resource database with images and descriptions of over 150 artefacts and documents that relate to gender and feminism, and belong to the collections of the Feminist Archive North and the Marks & Spencer Company Archive.

This website was designed to serve as a useful resource for lecturers and teachers who teach sessions or modules on gender and feminism, at all levels of study, and also for students working on these topics. Here you can find a range of materials that will both enhance your teaching and learning, and save you time.

This includes:

  • a fully searchable database of images that you can download to use in lectures, seminars, research and coursework
  • practical suggestions on how to draw on these materials and on archival collections more broadly to create innovative classroom exercises, engaging assessment activities, and ideas for undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation projects
  • links to other websites where you can find additional audiovisual and textual archive material relating to gender and feminism
  • recordings and material from our events, including presentations and discussions on the potential and challenges of using archives to teach gender

This website is one of the outcomes of a University of Leeds Student Education Fellowship-funded project Using Archives to Teach Gender, coordinated by Maria do Mar Pereira. Working with her on the project was a team of extraordinary student research assistants: Eleanor BroadbentAnna Colgan and Freya Potter.

To find out more about the project, click here. To contact the research team, email Maria do Mar Pereira

If you have suggestions of links to add to our Other Useful Resources page, or teaching activities to include in the Suggestions for Teaching page, we would be delighted to receive them and add them to the website. Please send them to Maria do Mar Pereira

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