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What does Wikipedia sound like? It probably never occurred to you to ask that question. But this website provides an answer. There’s a description below the image of the meanings of the sounds used. I really like this project. What can initially seem like an interesting curiosity is actually something much more interesting, using  sounds to visually communicate the quantity and quality of a dynamic system:

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 07.20.08

Listen to the sound of Wikipedia’s recent changes feed. Bells indicate additions and string plucks indicate subtractions. Pitch changes according to the size of the edit; the larger the edit, the deeper the note. Green circles show edits from unregistered contributors, and purple circles mark edits performed by automated bots. You may see announcements for new users as they join the site, punctuated by a string swell. You can welcome him or her by clicking the blue banner and adding a note on their talk page.

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