The Philosophy of Data Science

This is a series of interviews I’m conducting for the LSE Impact blog:


Rob Kitchin: “Big data should complement small data, not replace them.”
In this first interview, Rob Kitchin elaborates on the specific characteristics of big data, the hype and hubris surrounding its advent, and the distinction between data-driven science and empiricism.


Evelyn Ruppert: “Social consequences of Big Data are not being attended to”
For the second interview, Evelyn Ruppert discusses creating an interdisciplinary forum to analyse the major changes in our relations to data, as subjects, citizens and researchers.


Deborah Lupton: Liquid metaphors for Big Data seek to familiarise technology
Deborah Lupton
 talks about how sociologists are involved in making sense of and positioning big data. Also of interest to social researchers are the nature metaphors used to discuss data, such as ‘flows’ and ‘flood’

SusanHalford.jpg_SIA - JPG - Fit to Width_144_true

Susan Halford: “Semantic web innovations are likely to have implications for us all”
Co-director of the Web Science Institute, Susan Halford underlines the necessity of broad interdisciplinarity as well as further technical training to engage in depth with the web as it evolves in different ways.

More to follow soon!

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