Atmospheres Conference, 1-2 July 2015, CALL FOR ABSTRACTS

Atmospheres, 1-2 July 2015, Call for Abstracts

Atmospheres play a significant role in, and add an important quality to, our intimate, domestic and public lives, yet are often overlooked in social research, not least because of the methodological challenges involved in ‘capturing’ them.

In this major conference celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Morgan Centre, we will be using the theme of ‘atmospheres’ as our starting point for interdisciplinary dialogue.

Abstracts will be invited in the following kinds of areas. These are intended to stimulate ideas and are not prescriptive.

  • Atmospheres in intimate, domestic and emotional life
  • Belonging, place and atmosphere
  • Smell, sight, sound, touch and taste
  • Political and socio-cultural atmospheres
  • Atmosphere, public events and crowds
  • Online/virtual atmospheres
  • How atmospheres can be ‘captured’ methodologically
  • What makes an atmosphere

Submitting an abstract 

For more information on how to submit an abstract and to download the submission form, please visit our website

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