An important contribution to Qualitative Longitudinal Research

Qualitative Longitudinal Research has often been overlooked in the past but it’s been undergoing something of a resurgence in recent years in the UK. There’s an important special issue of the International Journal of Social Research Methodology which collects a number of papers from those at the forefront of these developments. The editorial is free to access at the time of writing:

New frontiers in qualitative longitudinal research: an agenda for research

This paper outlines the state of the art in qualitative longitudinal methodology, reflecting on more than 10 years of development since a previous special issue on qualitative longitudinal research was published by the International Journal of Social Research Methodology in 2003. The papers presented in this special issue emerge from a methodological innovation network that brought together an international community of researchers in order to map new frontiers for the method. This paper summarises the development of the method from a design to a sensibility, identifying three new frontiers as part of a future research agenda including: the need for a processual imaginary; experimentation with temporal perspectives and orientations and explicating the temporal affordances of our methods.

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