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The fact we’ve just moved to a new server, it’s almost five years since we started the site and an impending deadline have left me contemplating future plans for SI. I recently closed my personal blog in order to focus on SI and I’d like to expand what we’re doing over the coming years. Here are some ideas:

  • Opening up @soc_imagination as a platform for public engagement
  • Incorporating the Alternative History of Sociology into SI
  • Finding a new theme for the site & generally improving how it looks
  • Experimenting with eBook publishing, particularly tied to interesting events
  • Encouraging sociological design fiction – perhaps structured around writing prompts.
  • More generally hosting interesting examples of sociological communication.
  • Finding some additional regular bloggers whose interests match those of the site.
  • Launching more calls for guest posts focused on our core themes.
  • Possibly a shop… I’ve had a couple of ideas for SI themed t-shirts which I think are quite good. Less certain about this than the other suggestions though.
  • Finding another editor to join myself, Milena and Sadia.

Any other ideas are very welcome! Now I’ve got that down on paper, I should return to the chapter that has to be  submitted in 9 hours.

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