Occupational Hazards (Palestine/Kashmir): Authority & Political Technologies 2015

Sociology Department Theories & Methodologies Cluster and the Authority Research Network Present a two day symposium at the University of Warwick

Occupational Hazards: Theories & Methodologies (Palestine/Kashmir) – a workshop: Thursday May 7th.

Authority Political Technologies 2015: Dialogues and Works in Progress: Friday May 8th

Full programme and registration on our website  http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/sociology/research/currentresearch/authorityandpoliticaltechnologies/2015

All welcome – but please do register!

Theories & Methodologies Cluster, Authority& Political Technologies IAS Network Symposium 2015: University of WarwickMay 7th-8th

 Occupational Hazards: Theories & Methodologies (Palestine/Kashmir)

Thursday 7th May10.00-18.00; Ramphal R 1.04

Goldie Osuri: Welcome; Claire Blencowe intro to APT and Social Theory Centre

Miriyam Aouragh:  Methodological hazards: the challenge of a techno-social dialectics

Mohamad Junaid: Research in ‘conflict zones’, methodological pluralism, and rethinking philosophical concepts in ethnographic research: some preliminary observations

Gazala Farooq: Researching Sexual Violence and Impunity in Conflict Zones: A Case of Jammu and Kashmir  

Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian:  Palestinian Indigeniety, Israel’s Settler Colonialism, and Bedouin Children’s Politics of Liberation

Farrukh Faheem: Research in Contested Sites: Burdens and Challenges

Michael Kearney:  (TBA)

Ather Zia: You cannot be neutral on a “runaway” train: Doing Militant Anthropology in Kashmir

‘Legal By All Means’ (Film/Work in Progress. Dir. Iffat Fatima). Introduced by Farrukh Faheem

Panel Discussion: Palestine/Kashmir:  Transnational Histories & Possible Sovereignties

(Chair: Dibyesh Anand)

 Authority & Political Technologies 2015: Dialogues and Works in Progress

Friday May 8th 10.30-16.00;  Ramphal R 0.12

Claire Blencowe – Welcome

Cath Lambert – Affective Methodologies

Illan Wall – Crowds & Atmosphere

Sam Burgum – The Powers That Be: Conspiracy & Cynicism whilst Occupying London

John Narayan – Black Cosmopolitanism: From the Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter

Miguel Beistegui – Genealogies of Desire

Goldie Osuri – Bodies as Border Technologies

Marijn Nieuwenhuis – Dome Thinking: Reflections on what it means to live under the dome

Concluding Discussion

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