‘Media, Gender & Culture’ Summer School, King’s College London

King’s College London Summer School 2014 


‘Media, Gender & Culture’ 


6-24 July 2015


How does gender organize contemporary life? What role does media play in shaping individual identities, cultural attitudes and social practices? How can we understand gender inequality on a global scale? What is the relation between media and capitalism? Can media be used as a resource for cultural politics and activism? By who, and in what ways?

Exploring these and other questions, this course offers students the opportunity to study media, gender and culture in transnational perspective. Students on the course will gain a critical foundation in gender and cultural theory, examining issues such as the representation of women in news media, constructions of gender and sexuality in advertising, as well as the role of gender in shaping media production practices. Examining current trends in popular film and television, we will consider debates over ‘postfeminism’ and the ‘sexualisation of culture’; through discussion of both transnational protest movements and local activist campaigns, we will think through some of the ways social media might be used as a tool of social change. In dedicated workshops students will learn how to critically analyse a range of media forms, including print, screen and digital media. Taking advantage of our central London location, the class will visit a number of the capital’s foremost cultural institutes – including BBC Broadcasting House and the Victoria and Albert Museum – where students will have the opportunity to meet with practitioners from the media and cultural industries. At all points the course will promote intersectional thinking, as we consider how gender interacts with other axes of power such as sexuality, race, and class. Engaging research and theory from a diverse range of social and cultural contexts, students will develop the knowledge and critical skills necessary to analyse gender, media and culture in a global arena.


Registration for the ‘Media, Gender & Culture’ Summer School course is now open.


For further details please visit: http://www.tinyurl.com/KMGC2015 


Administrative contact: summerschool@kcl.ac.uk  


Academic contact: rachel.r.o’neill@kcl.ac.uk  

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