Sussex Humanities Lab Doctoral Research Scholarships (2015)

The Sussex Humanities Lab at the University of Sussex is pleased to invite applications to study for a PhD. We are offering 4 Home/EU fully funded scholarships and 1 International fully funded scholarship OR 5 Home/EU fully funded scholarships depending on the applicants.

The Humanities demand re-invention. Digital transformation means the objects of humanist study have changed. This project and programme of activities is designed to develop critiques, methodologies, and tools ensuring this field is fit for the future. As our culture is re-born digital, old divisions that marked out image from text, music from paint and object from performance, have become increasingly archaic – legacies of the technologies of print and the medieval university. When all the forms of cultural production flow through the digital, the boundaries between them are reconfigured. This reality calls for us to  build fields of study informed by new digital objects of study, rather than by inherited disciplinary silos.

We welcome applicants with humanities, social science and computational specialisms and anticipate cross-school supervision teams.

Successful international applicants to either School of Media, Film and Music, the School of History, Art History and Philosophy or the School of Education and Social Work will be eligible to compete for a Sussex Humanities Lab scholarship.


27th May 2015 – Deadline for completed applications

3rd June 2015 – List of applicants holding offers to be sent to Panel for consideration

15th June 2015 – Deadline for applicants to be informed of the outcome

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