International Social Theory Consortium 2015 in Cambridge, UK, June 17-19

4th Annual Conference of the
International Social Theory Consortium
Cambridge, UK, June 17-19, 2015

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We are pleased to announce the 2015 meeting of the International Social Theory Consortium to be held at the Arts School Building, University of Cambridge, June 17-19, 2015.

The central theme of this year’s meeting is ‘Reconstruction’, dedicated to interrogating the contributions and limits of ‘deconstruction’ and the possibilities of a return of history.

Are there limits to the deconstruction project, and have these limits been reached? What are the possibilities for the ‘reconstruction’ of narratives of long-term historical change? Is it possible to include and integrate the insights and contributions of critiques of knowledge, while at the same time developing new forms of knowledge? Can we submit the project of deconstruction itself to deconstruction?

In addition, we continue the ISTC’s tradition of encouraging discussion across the entire range of topics under the general heading of social theory across disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Confirmed Speakers include:

Peter Baehr, Lingnan University
Gurminder Bhambra, University of Warwick
Harry F. Dahms, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Sarah Franklin, University of Cambridge
Tim Luke, Virginia Tech
Lois McNay, Oxford University
Stephen Turner, University of South Florida

Free Registration required through Eventbrite before end of May. Register at:

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Conference hosts:

International Social Theory Consortium and
University of Cambridge, Faculty of Human, Social and Political Science


The British Sociological Association (BSA)
Theory Study Group and Historical and Comparative (Hist-Comp) Study Group

Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism

King’s Review

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