27th May @SocioWarwick – Female power in our great ape cousins

Female power in our great ape cousins: The roots of female dominance and social bonds in bonobos.

Zanna Clay, University of Birmingham
27 May 2015: 5 – 6.30pm
R 1.03 (Ramphal Building)

Despite being one of our closest living relatives, bonobos are still one of the least well understood of the great apes, largely remaining in the shadow of their better known cousins, the chimpanzees. In contrast to chimpanzees, bonobo societies are characterized by strong female social relationships, female dominance and generally peaceful social interactions. Here I explore the roots of female power in bonobos, focusing on both their reproductive and feeding ecologies, patterns in their communicative behaviour, as well as the extent to which close social bonds contribute to their raised status in bonobo society.

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