The Logic of Freedom in Digital Capitalism

I’m sitting in Edinburgh airport having a coffee and catching up on some e-mail before I start my day. This required internet access and I was pleased to find free WiFi here. What irritated and amused me in equal measure though was the discovery that you can’t register for free WiFi without confirming that “I would like to receive news and exclusive offers from Edinburgh Airport”:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 08.30.10

There are obviously many digital services we use for which making our selves and our data available function in lieu of monetary payment. But I don’t recall ever seeing this logic stated in such a charmingly artless way before. I’m newly hopeful that the many pages of terms & conditions for each iTunes update will be replaced by a compulsory checkbox saying “I would like Apple to elaborate opaque terms governing use of their services and impose them on me at will”.

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