CfP: Muslim Youth, Contemporary Challenges and Future Prospects

The Third ISA Forum of Sociology, Vienna, Austria 10-14 July, 2016
Session Title: Muslim Youth, Contemporary Challenges and Future Prospects

Panel co-organizers:
Ali AkbarTajmazinani (PhD), Assistant Professor (Social Policy), Faculty of Social Sciences, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran (
Mohammad Saeed Zokaei (PhD), Associate Professor in Sociology and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Allameh Tabataba’i Univertsity, Tehran, Iran (

Muslim youth live in very diverse contexts from Muslim majority societies of the Middle East like Iran and Egypt through religiously and ethnically divergent societies like Malaysia and India to Western societies like France and the UK. Constituting nearly one fourth of the world youth population, Muslim youth are experiencing a crucial era with multiple political, socio-cultural as well as economic challenges in contemporary world at all levels. Muslim communities usually have a very high proportion of youth population and the phenomenon of youth bulge is of considerable implications.  Young people are at the forefront of dramatic political developments such as the so-called Arab Spring while being the vanguard of cultural and social change in their respective societies. Muslim youth in Western societies have also come to the attention of politicians, policy makers and most notably the international media given the security threats that have occurred in the past decade. Therefore, this session is aimed to address the main current challenges that are experienced by Muslim youth and future prospects for them and thus welcomes papers dealing inter alia with the followings:

1.      Diversity in everyday life challenges of Muslim youth
2.      Culture and subcultures of Muslim youth and their identity
3.      Muslim youth as actors of social and political change
4.      Portray and representation of Muslim youth in western media
5.      Muslim Youth and their integration in non-Muslim societies
6.      Youth policies in Muslim societies or policies affecting Muslim youth in other societies

Categories: Conferences, Diaspora, Diversity & Difference


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