Textwall as a tool for engaging with your audience

Another useful point from this great presentation by Paul Hopkins at the University of Hull. I’d like to try using Textwall myself in the near future:

what is a textwall?

A textwall is a web page that learners or delegates can send text messages to. The messages can then be shown on a large screen or interactive whiteboard as part of a lesson or event for everyone to see.

You are not charged for messages you receive. It costs the learner their standard sms charge to send text messages to the textwall. Depending on their phone contracts, this could be free.

sending SMS messages

A textwall can be used to compose and send bulk text messages to learners or delegates for informative, administrative or pastoral purposes.

choose your own textcode

You will be asked to choose a textcode when opening your textwall account which must be between 3 and 5 characters in length.

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