Marx and Philosophy Society Conference: Marx and Utopia

Marx and Philosophy Society
Annual Conference 2015
‘Marx and Utopia’

Saturday 13th June 2015, 9.45am – 6.00pm
Room 828, UCL Institute of Education 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL

9.45 Registration

10.00 Lea Ypi (LSE) Revolutionary Partisanship

11.15 Break

1.45 Parallel graduate panels:

(1) Paul Raekstad (Cambridge) Marx’s realism, utopianism, and the role of vision Owen Holland (Cambridge) Utopia and the suspension of the political Sina Talachian (Amsterdam) Between universalism and particularism: the later Marx’s conception of reformism

(2) Emily Cousens (Oxford Brookes) Marx’s contribution to feminist thought Dimitri Kladiskakis (Sussex) Marx and Heidegger: social ontology and the object Chris Ferguson (Sussex) Alienation as social-institutional heteronomy

1.30 Lunch

2.30 David Leopold (Oxford) Marx’s Critique of Utopia

4.00 Break

4.30 Gregory Claeys (Royal Holloway) Marx, Marxism and Utopia

Admission free
Please reserve a place in advance by emailing Meade McCloughan at<>
Further details:

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Mind Association

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