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  1. Delighted to find your post, Mark, as well as your tweets from the #SRHE event today. Many thanks. As you say, we who are active in social media tend to see its ubiquity, but this is a partial view, of course. I’m conducting a research study at the moment, exploring open educational practices in higher education. During Phase 1 of the study, in the past few months I’ve interviewed academic staff at one university — across disciplines, seniority levels, employment status (permanent/temporary, full-time/part-time). Overall, there is a relative lack of participation in social media. Many participants expressed a vaguely uneasy feeling of social media as “Another Thing” to do — and of the pressure they felt to “be doing more” re: social media, to update their various profiles, to maintain their digital identities. All of this is layered onto other concerns around data ownership, corporate agendas, and privacy in general. Very complex. I’ll be sharing some of these early findings and analysis at #dlRN next month (and blogging before that) — will you be there, by any chance? In any case, delighted to see your post and to learn more about your work. Thanks.

  2. That’s it, Mark. The hashtag will be very active and you can also tune in via @virtuallyconnecting – see http://linkresearchlab.org/dlrn2015/virtually-connecting/

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