Blogging as ‘writing without a parachute’

What does it mean to write with energy? That’s a question Patter addresses on her blog this morning, reflecting on the notion of ‘writing without a parachute’. As she summarises this approach to writing:

1. write what comes up for you – this suggests that you don’t have a plan or prompts and just write what comes into your mind
2. don’t change anything –this suggests you don’t read back what you are writing until you’re actually done. This doesn’t mean you have to write continually, you can stop to consider what is the most interesting, accurate or persuasive way to write something, but you don’t switch gears and go back to ‘fix’ something. You keep going.
3. go where the energy is. This suggests that you write about something that grabs you, that you want to write about.

This is often how I approach blogging. It’s usually astonishingly cathartic to sit and write like this, often finding myself surprised by what I find myself to have written at the end. It’s also energising. It puts me in touch with what I’m interested in. But “what I’m interested in” is not a category that’s immediately accessible to us cognitively. Our cognitive understanding of our interests and our concerns is fallible. It’s often retrospective. We don’t always recognise our enthusiasms and we sometimes misconstrue them when we do. To make time for this ‘writing without a parachute’ could almost be seen as an exercise for grounding our writing in our energy and enthusiasms.

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  1. This is great, it is something I have tried to write about in my blog in relationship to shame, vulnerability and impression management. My blog is just a way of trying to get sh*t out there without thinking to much.. I talk a bit about flow, play etc in some of the posts

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