The Socilality of Sharing Conference, September 23rd

CIM – The Socilality of Sharing Conference

Warwick 23rd September 2015

The ‘sharing economy’ has become a popular term to describe the transformations in sociality under way in the information economy. But what are the practices of sharing that are invoked here? We suggest that they emerge at the intersection of two sets of processes: on the hand, the socialization of the economy, and on the other, the subsuming of social relations by an economic logic. Seen in relation to both these tendencies, the sharing economy refers to such diverse phenomena as new forms of ‘collaborative’ production and consumption, the solidarity of co-workers, the publicity oriented ‘sharing’ that marks reputation-seeking social media users, and the emerging pirate economy of fast and cheap improvisations in the global technological commons that supplies the popular classes in the global South with access to cell phones, computers and other informational products.

In this workshop we would like to investigate these and other examples of the sociality of sharing to ask: what sort of social relations are created in a sharing economy where the boundaries between the economy and everyday life are disappearing? How does the sharing economy relate to wider transformations of sociality in contemporary culture and in particular to the obligations and opportunities to participate offered by digital culture? And can we connect today’s theories of sharing and the collaborative economy with the traditions of mainstream social theory?

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