Why do you #lovesociology?

The ASA have launched a new project, Speak for Sociology, asking people on social media: why do you #lovesociology?

ASA wants to know why you love sociology. We want to hear from sociologists in all fields, at all levels, at a variety of institutions—early-career academics; teachers at community colleges; sociologists in government, research, or non-profit organizations; or undergraduate/graduate students.

Through social media accounts (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogs), use the hashtag #lovesociology and let us know your name, your institution or school (optional), and

  • What got you into sociology?
  • What keeps you in sociology?
  • How do you use sociology in your daily life?
  • What important contributions does sociology make in various fields?

We will curate the most memorable posts and include them in ASA’s Storify account. Note that Facebook posts must be made public or you need to tag the American Sociological Association.


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