Letter to Stella Creasy MP re: Syria

by Heena Khaled

Dear Stella Creasy

Around 2009 I met you for the first time at an event, and then you came and spoke at a women’s event I organised. I followed you ever since and you have been an inspirational woman who I looked up to, admired and wanted to be like. Your activism blew me away and the way you had time for anyone and everyone in your constituency made me proud.

I spent the years showing off about how you were my MP and how lucky I was. You stood in mosques, churches, synagogues and against the EDL, with YOUR residents in solidarity, genuinely. I doubt politicians a lot but you were one of the few politicians I felt was real and truly cared about our voices.

You once told me I should become a labour councillor and till this day I have contemplated it and wanted to free some time to work with you and aspired to that dream you showed me, because you taught me that politics can be about people and not just the power hunger we usually consider it to be.

Tonight I saw your status- saying you voted FOR air strikes in Syria. Even though most of your constituents were against it, you voted in support for strikes. You were the one trying to empower poor residents by fighting loan sharks, yet you have supported an expense we shouldn’t contribute to both morally and monetarily.

My faith in democracy has left tonight, my faith in genuine politicians has withdrawn from the little gleam of hope I had in my heart. I no longer aspire to be a politician as of tonight and I am extremely saddened by the truth of my skepticism and your actions.

With great sadness- I don’t have the strength and on a morality level I can no longer support you as my MP because that would mean wiping my hands with blood of innocent civilians who will be killed and become what you regard as ‘collateral damage’. I worked hard in preventing extremism, and now your vote will make us more unsafe.

However I will continue to be a human rights activist and I will continue to speak through moralistic means and I will remind you and everyone of what democracy should look like and why we should reject this hidden dictatorship we have evolved into.

From one of your long time supporters, maybe not so much now.

Heena Khaled

Heena Khaled works for Open Society Justice Initiative and is also a human rights activist tackling issues around Muslim women, discrimination and counter-radicalisation. She holds an LLM in Human Rights and BSc in Sociology and Criminology.

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