New forms of cultural capital

A video and podcast from an interesting event at LSE, in which some of the team from the Great British Class Survey reflect on new forms of cultural capital:

A panel of leading international experts discuss whether traditional forms of ‘highbrow’ cultural capital associated with the dominance of the classical and historical canon are being eclipsed by newer and more fluid kinds of cultural tastes, associated with contemporary music and art, sport, and engaging with the social media and computer games.

Philippe Coulangeon is Director of Research at SNRS, Sciences Po and Visiting Professor in the Department of Sociology at LSE.

Sam Friedman is (@SamFriedmanSoc) Assistant Professor in Sociology at LSE.

Laurie Hanquinet (@LHanquinet) is Lecturer in Sociology at University of York.

Mike Savage (@MikeSav47032563) is Martin White Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of the International Inequalities Institute at LSE.

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