CfP: (Dis)empowering technologies

“TransMissions: Journal of Film and Media Studies”, new online academic
journal affiliated at the Jagiellonian University, Poland announced its
first CfP: (Dis)empowering technologies.

The main areas of our interests are:

–  social movement activism
–  ethnic, national and religion minorities and their technologies
–  women and their technologies
–  queer and their technologies
–  disabled and their technologies
–  migrants and their technologies
–  methodological aspects of researching (dis)empowering technologies
–  prosthesis as (dis)empowering artifact
–  social media
–  mobile media
–  community radio

We are awaiting abstracts till 31 January 2016.

For more information about journal please visit our web site:

The full CfP may be found here:

Categories: Digital Sociology, Mediated Matters


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