The Visual Interpretation of Philosophical Texts

The films deal  with short passages of original philosophical text and interpret them visually.  The text concern themes like how we perceive the look of the other (Sartre), what becoming might be (Deleuze/Guttari), and how the spirit refers to itself (Hegel) . The aim of the films is to twofold: Firstly, they explore how these text employ language to develop and convey their ideas. They investigate in the phenomenology of the texts: their modes of construction of meaning, their main metaphors, etc. Secondly, these texts by white famous males that are normally seen as rigid and rational. The films try to make their emotional and sensual aspects visible.

Veronika Reichl works as a filmmaker, writer, and lecturer in Berlin. She received her PhD from the University of Portsmouth. Her doctoral thesis investigates in the relationship between linguistic and pictorial information and the nature of visual metaphors. Her book and DVD Sprachkino [Language Cinema] is about the interface between abstract language and images. It was published in 2008. Veronika Reichl did a Diploma in Graphic Design and a Master of Arts in European Media at Merz Akademie, Stuttgart. She was born in Baltimore, USA.

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