Grad school in pictures: “The illustrated guide to Ph.D.”

It is hard to explain what PhD research is, using words: there seems to be a consensus about this across disciplines, from qualitative sociology to mathematical physics and beyond.  As someone who has been doing one for over three years, and will soon be.. perhaps.. tentatively.. approaching.. completion, I can vouch for this!  This is why, we need more initiatives that keep such as “Dance your PhD” (see our post on 24 Oct 2010) or “Matt Might’s “Illustrated guide to Ph.D.”. Even if you have never even considered doing a Ph.D., it is nice to be of the role of new researchers in the big picture. To know that somewhere, some dudes wake up each morning, sit at their desks or go out in their research fields or labs in order to continue “chipping away on the rock-face of science” with their tiny axes and “turning coffee into theorems” – some of which might, only might, one day, change our idea of the world.

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